Come learn about bikes at our workshop series!

Presently (Jan 8, 2023) we do not yet have dates for our planned workshops. Message us to let us know of your interests!

(dates of workshops goes here, when we have them)

Space is limited for getting your hands on your own bike, so please RSVP and sign up by emailing us at: When bike stands are filled, others are still welcome to come by and participate.

Past Workshop:

If you’re interested in any of these topics, let us know and we can set up a workshop on it!

Checking your brakes, tubes, derailleurs, bearings, all the good basics to brush up on.

Keep those derailleurs shifting smoothly with proper installation, adjustments, and common troubleshooting tips.

Learn about the workings of wheels, spoke replacement, wheel truing, bearing overhaul, and more.

Get rid of those gears! The ins and outs of transforming your bike into the perfect fixed gear or single speed, including navigating traffic laws with a fixie.

Bike mods, maintenance and general tips to keep you up and running this winter!

Check out our previous workshop handouts:


The FLAT on flats

The FLAT on brakes

The FLAT on derailleurs (Gears)

The FLAT on bottom brackets

The FLAT on headsets

THE FLAT on wheels

The FLAT on Winterizing



If your bike needs work, bring it in and we can use it in the hands-on section of the workshop.

*At the FLAT we recognize that bike mechanics and knowledge exchange about bikes can be very intimidating. We also recognize that, like many other bike collectives and shops, we have an over-representation of male mechanics. To address both of these concerns we have devoted certain workshops especially to women and trans folk to help create a space for learning that is non-threatening and encourages involvement of people of all skill levels. We are starting the women and trans workshops to address concerns expressed by many of our users.

5 thoughts on “Workshops

  1. Hello,
    Are workshops going to be held again this year? I have sent an email but got no response.
    If so, on what time and is it open for public?
    Thank you

  2. Do you have to bring in your own bike for the workshops (for those of us in the west island)?

    1. Absolutely not. There’s usually enough people who do bring bikes to the workshop to use as demos.

      – the collective

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