Tuesdays are back!!!

Well, technically, Tuesdays never left…. But in our meeting today we decided to not call Tuesday bike building days and return it to be *normal* open days. (Starting Tuesday May 24th, you can come in on Tuesdays with your bikes!) We are also experimenting with a different Tuesday opening hour: 4.00pm to 6.00 pm to be more accessible to different schedules! (Will change (or not?) based on reaction) Thanks for reading our website!

Good News!!!!

Hi folks!!! We submitted our re-opening plan to SSMU and Building Admin! It was approved! And re can reopen! Be sure to check out our Contact/Hours page! We still use the same-day appointment system! Interested in volunteering? Send us a message on FB/INS, or an email, or drop by!

Happy New Year!!!

Hi dear members of the FLAT community, I hope y’all had a wonderful winter break! Now that we are all back, I have bad news: based on the latest info from SSMU (Jan 4,) University Center will be closed for the month of January. I know this would be difficult for those of us who bike through winter (like myself,) bear with us as we wait for more updates from SSMU. In the meantime, stay warm, bike safe, follow health measures, and hopefully see you soon!

!!!OPEN NOW!!!

I AM SO HAPPY to announce our hours the week of Oct 18:
Monday Oct 18: 5.00 pm to 7.30 pm
Tuesday Oct 19: Closed to public, volunteers will focus on breathing new lives into abandoned campus bikes.
Thursday Oct 21: 5.00 pm to 7.30 pm

After our REOPENING week the up-to-date hours will be posted here.
Note we are adopting a same day appointment system. Please read the instructions and sign up here.
Lastly, we are always looking for new volunteers!


We will probably re-open with either Monday Oct 11th or Monday Oct 18th 5.00pm – 7.30pm! We are using a same-day appointment system and you can sign up here. Proof of Vaccination will be required and unfortunately we can only have 2 users at a time at our SSMU basement space. For more information, you could visit here. We can’t wait to see you! (follow our ins @theflatbikecollective !)

Moving back to campus…

We’re still not operating, but as Covid restrictions allow (both McGill’s and Québec’s), we are in the process of getting settled back into our original space in the basement of the SSMU building, ie 3480 rue MacTavish. Thanks to the volunteers and SSMU building service team who helped get our tool board back into the workshop 🙂 Next up: non fire hazard shelving…

Summer hours – often irregular!

Summer semester is here, which means a lot of our volunteers are not in town. Whether it’s RAships, field schools, work, or vacation, people are not around as regularly as in the fall and winter terms. As an entirely volunteer-run organisation, this is inevitable.

It also means that often, we won’t be able to open 3 days a week. Please check our facebook page (you don’t need fb to see our page!) for our most up-to-date schedule. We’ll try to post the weekend before each new week with what days we’ll be operational.

Thanks for your understanding!

Moving! – UPDATE!

UPDATE: we got an extension to our lease that’s good for the next 6 months. However, if you know of anywhere near McGill that could be a potential place for us, please let us know…

See you in the basement of 2075 Robert-Bourassa for now!

—Original post—

Hi everyone, our time at 2075 Robert-Bourassa is coming to an end on March 30. We are somewhat frantically looking for a new space to house us, but so far anything that appeared promising has fallen through. If we can’t find a space, we’ll have to go on hiatus, which would be super not ideal since it is just about to be bike season!

If anyone has any leads for available spaces near McGill (since we are a McGill Service, technically), please let us know!! THANK YOU