This weeks events! (Taskerade, Winter biking wksp, bike repurposart)

Hope you’re enjoying these first few days of snow. Hold on to your hats, and put your pied to the pedals, because just because it’s snowing doesn’t mean things are going to slow down around here.
So this week is actually pretty active at the flat. We have plans, we have workshops, we’ll have pizza and we’ll have fun. Everyone’s welcome!
Tomorrow (19th – Wednesday) we’ll have Taskerade! That’s when we all (ALL you hear) come together to the flat and clean up the place and get things organised. We’ll have some food and good music, so please drop by at or after 5 pm to help us out. Yay to getting things done!
On Friday (21st) 5-6 pm, we’ll have a winter biking workshop. It’ll be a very basic explanation of what’s helpful when biking when even cars are afraid to venture out. If you have things to ask or to say about pedaling when the snow is pedal high, please drop by. Space will be limited to 15, first come style.
On friday again, 6 to 7:30, we’ll have a bike art fiesta. This will be a very casual discussion and planning about repurposing some old bike pieces into objects of art. If you have any ideas, experience, interest or some true inner calling, you’re wanted.
Again, everyone’s welcome. talk to us if you have any specific questions. hope to see you there!

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