October is gone. And with it are the last of the leaves that fell on you and your bike while you were biking along the tree lined streets of beautiful Montréal. The crowds are dwindling on the bike paths but not here at the flat. Here we ride strong. Here we ride all year long. (Well, some of us) Things are still pretty hoppin’ in the shop.

Events this month start with a wheel workshop Wednesday Nov 5th.  Wheel working Wednesday wheel call it. (haha, sorry had to)  Come learn about all of the parts of the wheel and how everything works together to get you rolling.  Bring your own wheel or use one of the many fixer-upper wheels we have kickin’ around the shop. The workshop will start at 5pm, and run till 7:30.

Next up is WT*Q night Wednesday November 12 (5-7:30pm).  We welcome everyone identifying as female, trans*, and/or queer for a night of bike fixing and good jams, in a supportive + positive environment. Come wrench on bikes with like-minded people, leave with community and a smooth ride.

Rumor around town is… WINTER IS COMING.  On account of this yearly phenomenon we’ve decided to have a workshop with all kinds of tips on making thru Montréal winters on your bike. Come one, come all! Learn and share your tips on winter biking Friday November 21 5-6pm.

That’s all for now. Happy riding everyone, and hope to see you around the shop!

PS. We’re still looking for volunteers.  If you want to get involved send us an email and we’ll hook you up. This winter we’ll be building up the bikes in the basement! Come and join us. All skill levels welcome! It’s a great way to learn about bikes!

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