—–September at the flat!—–

Happy September everybody!

Here’s what’s happening at the flat this month.
(point form then details below): 

– fall means back to evening hours! 5-7:30pm
wt*q shift wednesday sept 10th, 5-7:30pm
volunteer orientation friday sept 12 (plz RSVP)
– we need volunteers!
Change in hours
We’re back to evening hours! Yay!  That makes our regular opening times 5-7:30pm monday, tuesday and thursday nights. We’re still short on volunteers so there may be the possibility of some shop closures, but we’ll try to keep you updated. 

Women/Trans/Queer Wednesday Sept 10 5-7:30pm
At the Flat, we try to create a less oppressive space.  We wish everyone was comfortable in a bike shop, but it just ain’t true.  If you are female, trans and/or queer and don’t feel comfortable coming into the shop on regular nights, come by for our WT*Q night.
Volunteer Orientation Friday Sept 12 5pm
Interested in helping out at the shop? Wanna learn about working on bikes? Maybe you’d like to meet and hang with some awesome bike nerds?  There are many ways to help, even if you don’t know a thing about bikes! Come volunteer with us!  We’ll be having an orientation this friday to introduce you to the shop and give you an idea of how we work. Please send and email to theflat.bikecollective@gmail.com to RSVP.

We need volunteers!
Speaking of volunteers… Yep, we need your help!  We’ve had to close the shop a few times recently for lack of volunteers. Sadness. Anywhooo… There are many ways to help.  Regular shifting (helping people learn about their bikes during our open hours), Helping with organization and clean up of the shop, coordinating volunteers, making bike learning oriented posters, helping work on our zine, helping pick up donations… All kinds of stuff really!  Send us an email and/or come to our volunteer orientation on the 12th

That’s all for now..  Hope so see you around the shop soon!

p.s.  If anybody out there would be into helping with some translation english to french that’d be super nice.  Send us an email.

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