Report from the MYOG and bike touring workshops

Two weeks ago we had two bike touring related workshops, one to build your own ultra-light camp stove out of soda cans, and one general bike touring get-together. The stove building workshop was fully booked out, and we’re sorry if you couldn’t get a spot. However, building the stoves is not that difficult and doesn’t require many tools. So if you couldn’t come to the workshop you should check out these very detailed instructions by Mark Jurey, the inventor of the design.

Cutting off the soda cans
The tedious process of slowly cutting off the soda cans

In the end everyone at the workshop was able to finish at least the main part of the stove and some people have s tested it.

After the workshop a few of us got together and talked about plans for bike touring this year. Many questions were asked and answered, we looked at maps, and discussed about the many different ways of bike touring — from several month-long fully self-supported tours to short overnight trips close to where you live. If you’re interested in touring, feel free to stop by at the Flat, as we have some books, maps, and, of course, knowledgable volunteers.

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