Bike touring and MYOG workshop March 1

Spring is still some time away, but now is a good time to plan for your awesome summer bike tours and to make your own camping equipment. To help you out with this, the Flat will be hosting two workshops on March 1.

Penny stove
Penny stove in action

1. Making your own camping alcohol stove: Harald will show how to make a very efficient and lightweight out of soda cans. This is a hands-on workshop and at the end of it you will have your own soda can stove. The number of participants is limited and there are very few spots left. Time for this is Friday, March 1, 17:30 at the Flat. If you’re interested, please send an email to First come, first serve. Cost for the workshop is 5 dollars to cover the Flat’s expenses.

2. Touring get together/skill share: Some of us already have been bike touring and some of us would like to — so let’s get together and share experiences, advice, and in general have a good time. Bring your favorite piece of touring gear, maps, photos, whatever. The get-together will happen right after the workshop, i.e. Friday, March 1, 19:00. Number of participants is not limited and the event is free, but please nonetheless RSVP to and let me know if you have any prior bike touring experience.

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