Wheel building workshop, December 7

Bicycle wheel
Photo by Paul Watson. License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA

The Flat will be hosting a wheel building workshop, run by Stewart, on December 7. The session will go through:

  • Rim, hub and spoke types, selection and measurements
  • Lacing the wheel (3-cross) if applicable
  • Tensioning and dishing

If you don’t already have the parts to build up a wheel, there will be an affordable package for a front wheel available. It includes a Shimano 32 hole hub, 32 stainless spokes and nipples, and a double-wall aluminum Weinmann rim, and costs $35. There will be only 4 spots so available — so if you’re interested you should email us ASAP (please also mention if you want the build kit or if you’ll bring your own materials).

The workshop will take place at the Flat on the evening of Friday, December 7. If there is a lot of interest, there might be a second workshop in January. Oh, and best things last: the workshop is free!

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