Rez Project looking for workshop facilitators

Volunteer Call Out for Rez Project Facilitators 

Rez Project is looking for volunteers to co-facilitate workshops on Sexual Assault, Gender and Sexuality given to first-year students living in residences at McGill in September. Rez Project is an initiative that began eight years ago by SACOMSS, Queer McGill, and Trans*/Gender Alliance to increase education and start discussion on these complex subjects at the beginning of the year to make McGill a more accepting and safe(r) place.

The workshops are held in the evenings throughout September, Monday-Thurs

day. Your participation, as much or as little as you can, is extremely valuable.

Note that facilitators must take part in half-day facilitation trainings that happen Sept 1 and 2 OR Sept 8 and 9. (Meals will be provided).

For more information // to be connected with past years facilitators // to sign up as a facilitator, email us at


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