Collective Call Out

Many people replied during out new volunteer orientation that they wanted to be part of the collective. However, we suspect a certain degree of misunderstanding. You are still more than welcome to come test the waters. Not being part of the collective means you can and will volunteer, participate in events, attend workshops, etc. But there are a lot of things you can do as a collective member…


What does it mean to be part of the collective?

Here is more or less what collective members have done in the past:


-bottomline major renovations

-make orders

-pick up old bikes

-organize workshops

-plan volunteer orientations

-shape the general direction of the shop

-have collective/consensus based meetings once a week

-coordinate volunteers

-make a website

-deal with ssmu

-make general and really really specific decisions

-come up with crazy ideas that we cant yet do because of lack of capacity/feasability

-liaison with other student groups

-have many votes on a name (which is currently THE FLAT)

-make way to many to do lists

-make propaganda

-eat a lot of dinners at al–taib

Of course the sky is the limit. With your participation we could do much more. We seek people that are willing to commit, put in some time for some general tasks, take on some responsibilities, and are willing to function collectively and consensusly.

Currently our meetings our scheduled for Wednesdays at 6 (but if you cant make that time and still want to be involved (again ”

We are very open to change, but please don’t show up promising radical change and unwavering dedication, and then disappear off the face of the earth. It is really hard to get anything done that way.

Anyways… if you still want to get involved come to a meeting on January 28 at 6PM in B-02 Shatner (The FLAT). Or send us an email. We love emails (

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